Wednesday, September 7, 2016

green is the new black, and it's sexy as...

Fragrances in fashion are an interesting category.  Some smell fabulous; others, not so much.  Some invoke positive memories and emotions; others, not so much.  Some are made with rare ingredients and are created with time-honored traditions; others, not so much.  When it comes to fine fragrances, there is only one master.  And his name is Tom Ford.

From years at Gucci and Yves St. Laurent, to his own brand for more than a decade, Mr. Ford gives 100% of his attention to every single detail.  His demand for excellence and superior design are unrivaled.  If his name is on the product, you are guaranteed to fall in love.  From fragrance to footwear and everything in between, the quality and integrity of each product go above and beyond expectations. 

This same commitment to exceeding expectations is found especially in the service you'll receive with Tom Ford employees.  I've never seen a brand with so many dedicated, loyal, and knowledgeable staff.  It's as if each associate is also an ambassador for Mr. Ford himself.  Case in point: Kerin, Clarence, and Tonya at the Tom Ford Beauty boutique inside Nashville's Nordstrom.  The love these beautiful people have for their brand, let alone their industry, is infectious.  Before new product even arrives in store, I get phone calls and messages filled with excitement and anticipation, as if an old friend was calling to tell me the best news of their life.  It's absolutely awesome to build a relationship with such fabulous people, especially when they share my love of looking good and feeling better.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the new Vert private blended fragrances.  Even the descriptions of the fragrances go above and beyond, detailing the overall notes of the scents, plus specific emotional feelings and images.  You don't just smell a fragrance; you're transported to an imaginary world of fabulosity and grandeur.
Bright.  Ethereal.  Divine.  Sparking and infallible like a jewel gleaming in the sun, private blend Vert Boheme is Tom Ford's interpretation of green at its most free-spirited.  Sicilian Mandarin and Magnolia exude bohemian femininity, exquisitely enhanced with Gustavia, also known as the tree of heaven, known for its spectacular single blooms that last for just one day.  The fresh vibrancy awakens a divine first bloom, crystal-clear and exposed.
Expressive.  Indelible.  Deep.  Private Blend Vert Des Bois introduces provocative woods at their most expressive.  An inventive ingredient in modern perfumery, poplar bud extract infuses avant-garde edge to traditional green.  The extract from the unopened buds is further driven by spiked ouzo, evoking the deepest thicket of snow-laden forest. 
Aromatic. Distinguished.  Wild.  The unbridled nature of the Corsican coast, known as the "Perfumed Isle," inspires a distinguished scent at once sophisticated, aromatic and wild.  Smoky incense, pine resin, and fir balsam evoke the dense forest and rugged peaks, while delectable heliotrope and woods heighten the grand atmosphere of sea and shadow.  

I always joke that cosmetics brands can't hire ugly people, since the product they're selling is supposed to be beautiful.   Kerin, Clarence, and Tonya aren't just physically beautiful, with flawless skin and gorgeous makeup - they exude beauty.  Always gracious, happy to demonstrate products, and providing fabulous service, they are my one-stop-shop for all things beautiful.  To place an order or book a consultation, phone +1.615.850.6700.  

With these new Tom Ford private blend fragrances, Green is the new Black, and it's sexy as...

Thursday, August 11, 2016