Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a smorgasbord of international fashion

Ralph Lauren's Black Label denim. Everything you'd expect from a fashionable, rugged cowboy committed and slightly obsessed with luxury. The perfect mix of tailored fits, luxury quality, rugged style, intense character. Check out Vincent at the Ralph Lauren store on Robertson in Los Angeles. He's got great style and knows the inventory well. +310.274.0171

Loving the pops of red from Dolce & Gabbana's new collection. Red is one of my favourite colours, so I'm excited to see the trend again.

Unique, large, shaped bags for men. Giorgio Armani has an incredible crocodile bag in a classic shopper shape, but longer than expected and with the most elegant, rounded edges.

Giant, chunky, super cozy Hermes knit sweaters. Envelop in luxury.

Maybe because I've read GQ for more than half my life, but part of me gets super excited when the fashion bible likes brands I'm really loving as well. Like this month's pick of Woolrich Woolen Mills. I might possibly have been living in my navy blue, light weight trousers for the past year. With luxe fabrics, casual design, and impeccable tailoring and construction, their creations are perfect for paring with tshirts as they are for dress shirts and ties.

Gucci. Cinquecento. Made in Italy. Fiat. La Moda Italiana. Classic. Sexy. Iconic. Fiat's 500 Gucci edition. Must have.

Super exciting - the Fiat 500 Gucci version debuts in North America tomorrow at New York fashion week, and will be available in limited quantity in late 2011.

I can't get enough of Moods of Norway. I visited their store in Los Angeles and couldn't get enough. Imagine Ted Baker + Scandinavia + humour + quality + incredible wit = Moods of Norway! They had a giant golden tractor in the store - so fun and random. I love it. Here's their philosophy:

We believe in different clothes for different moods, that is why the collection is divided into three different parts: street, casual and cocktail. Just like a well casted boy band, there is something for everyone. Every product is made with lots of love and a few Norwegian details, telling the long lost stories from the country of the midnight sun. Our philosophy is happy clothes for happy people, so put on your dancing shoes, slip into something comfortable, and dance the night away.

Call, click, or pop in. +310.271.7172

When you think of Japanese fashion, a few thoughts pop to mind: kimonos, geisha girls, harijuku girls, and edgy street denim. So what could be better than smashing Japanese hip street wear + vintage Americana? Hence, Superdry, a British company that combines the best of both east and west. You all know I love fashion and love Tokyo, so naturally, I love Superdry, too.