Sunday, December 7, 2014

Must. Have. Now.

Sorry it's been forever + a day since I've posted. However, once you discover this new item, you'll be ok with the wait. 

Bath & Body Works has a new home collection featuring three candles. Beautiful glass vessels with intricate metal lids. The orange version is the best, and not just because that's one of my favorite colors. A perfect blend of pine needles, green vetiver, and the coolest sandalwood complete the exact moment when a forest sunset turns into sheer golden rays. Canadian made of highly concentrated fragrance oils, the patented blend of vegetable wax and lead free wicks ensure an exceptionally even burn.  

$34,50. UPC 0667536359479. Shop or 1-800-395-1001

Through 11 December use coupon code "whynot10" and save $10 on this candle. 

Perfext for housewarming gifts, birthday presents, Christmas and Hanukkah, or best of all - just because.