Monday, May 30, 2011

international style

I've noticed a huge trend in the US lately, and I must admit: I am in love with the fact that an influx of international fashion has exploded here. Some of my favourite retailers from around the world are opening up shop stateside. Here are some that I can't get enough of:

-- Etiqueta Negra from Argentina. Imagine if Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and the creative people behind American Eagle's Martin + Osa all made a South American love child! Rugged. Masculine. Refined. Modern. I cannot get enough. Currently only two stateside stores: Miami and New York City. Shout out to David in Aventura (Miami) if you need assistance. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

-- Allsaints Spitalfields from London. One of the coolest throwback stores. I'd say if you took John Varvatos and made him shack up in the UK on a tour bus with the coolest independent rock band ever, the place they'd shop and hang out would be Allsaints. Quality, style, character, and creativity are the name of the game. And music is more than the soundtrack. Fashion rocks at Allsaints. Currently about 15 retail locations nationwide.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ice cream for fashion!

Two things I love: Karl Lagerfeld + Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bar =
fashionable foods!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream fashion!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

As thought and seen from the comfort of the Starbucks leather armchair:

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the day when Americans pretend to care about and live Mexico, when really it's just another excuse to party and drink one too many shots of tequila. Regardless of the reason, I love festive moods. And it's my brother's birthday! So we're having our share if birthday shots and pretend the mariachi band is just a birthday band coincidence.

A couple just came in. Think cowboys from the ranch. With matching wrangler jeans, he in a plaid shirt, her in a halter top. My favorite part? She had a fake Valentino handbag. Incredible.

Then a guy comes in wearing flip flops, board shorts, and an overly baggy golf shirt. We're not near the beach. Or the pool. Surf stuff belongs on the sands. And golf gear belongs on the links. Not together. And definitely not at inland Starbucks.

Then there's the eastern European man, about mid-30s, with his laptop, iPad, iPod, and iPhone. He needs to get an iLife. I, too, like well-fitting designer jeans. But the so-skinny-we-can-see-that-you're-not-Jewish variety is unacceptable. And for the love of Jesus y Maria, sunglasses are for when it's sunny - not indoors in coffee shops.

Ooh - actually someone with fabulous style arrived. She's got on these sexy python printed gray pumps, with a gray, black, and bright yellow houndstooth skirt, skinny patent leather bright yellow belt, and a very light gray silky looking tanktop. If she didn't scoot in and out so quickly, I would have gone all Scott Schuman and taken a fabulous picture of her and posted here for your enjoyment.

Seeing her bright belt made me remember the spread in thus month's US version of GQ - it's all about men's belts. I couldn't agree more - complimenting, yet contrasting belts in brilliant colours are the perfect way to add some pizzazz and panache to your look. I have a bright orange canvas belt with off-white trim that I'm loving with khaki suits or white pants. And there's another orange Hermes belt I just can't get enough of.

I feel like there's a sudden invasion of designer watches again. I know fashion is cyclical. And we saw big emphasis on watches a few years back. But even mid- markets are seeing luxury watch stores. Like Jacksonville, FL and Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN are suddenly hoLinkme to luxury watch stores. Omega used to be the top tier for the Swatch Watch kingdom - but with so many access points popping up, the luxe factor is diminishing. Sure, the watches are incredibly well done, but one of the biggest parts of luxury is exclusivity. When Dior opened outlet stores, loyal customers felt the brand was cheapened and too accessible. (thankfully, the outlet in tourism centric Orlando, FL has closed shop!)

I love summertime. Especially when girls are running outside more often, getting fit, tan, and healthy. One girl just walked in here to Starbucks who I recognize from my frequent neighborhood runs. Her khaki skirt, casually rumpled chambray shirt, and flirty, fun flats were perfect compliments to her sunkissed skin and beautiful blonde locks.

Well, it's 4 o'clock and it's time to meet my brother and his wife. We'll be at the cantina for tequila and guacamole, but not to pretend we supported Mexico in their battle against France so many years ago. Today we celebrate his birth, and the fact that we're fortunate enough to be together and drink in the middle of the day.

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