Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At the bar

I love eating at bars or counters. You get the fastest service, the most entertaining seat, and the food is usually hotter / tastier / quicker. You also can always count on a good show via the kitchen production, will probably hear fabulous stories from the bar tender or kitchen manager, and will meet incredible people. A tip: when you're at an establishment for the first time, always order what the bar tender usually orders. The kitchen staff will probably think its for him, and make it beyond expectation.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

transport and travel

 I learned in college from a very influential mentor a piece of advice that has proven lasting: the answer is no, until you ask. Recently, I was in a car accident that resulted in the loss of my car. In addition to needing a new car, I adore traveling. So I thought what better idea than to start a transport/travel fund. 

I know this seems tacky.  We're in a terrible economy, I'm not dead or in poverty, and I have a job. 

I love traveling, and have been fortunate to do so quite frequently.  Whether on the road in my back yard or in the skies over yours, I relish in every moment and detail of the adventure.  University definitely taught me many skills and trades, but it was traveling that taught me flexibility, culture, human relations, diplomacy, and the ability to be creative and concise amid stress and unpredictable chaos.  Travel is never just a relaxing holiday; its a laboratory for learning and enrichment. 

I got this idea from a close family friend.  Her point was, she'd rather donate money to someone she knows personally, who will use it to stimulate the economy, spend wisely and as originally intended, and without caveat. 

I'm not going to pressure you or broadcast whether or not you contribute. Our friendship doesn't depend on it.   If you think this is silly, I'm happy to provide your entertainment.  Unlike those "prayer shows" on television that promise to only use your donations for God's will  or saving babies or feeding animals but somehow end up buying expensive homes and custom suits, I am without hidden agenda.  If you'd like to contribute, I thank you.