Tuesday, April 3, 2012

maximized meaning

over the past few years, there's been a fairly negative, depressing tone in the news. countries are crumbling, power is abused, people are starving, economies are crashing, resources are being wasted. it's easy to fall into an uninspired state of existence. but that doesn't have to be the case whatsoever.

there's a quarterly publication called kinfolk. and I'm absolutely obsessed. kinfolk is a community of the most fabulous designers, cooks, photographers, writers, stylists, and the like who all have one common thread: the commitment and adoration of fine living and entertaining for a few. it is the ultimate in aspirational living.

there are always different things that I'm loving. like kinfolk, there's always one constant: a commitment to living with maximized meaning, minimized distractions and uninspiring waste, and a devotion of time and resources to the things and people that I love most.

food, friends, family, fashion, fun, faith. those are the things that motivate, that inspire, that comfort me. combining any and all of those elements always makes the perfect recipe. whether a few friends gathering for an unplanned cocktail after work, or I'm spending an entire morning running from the farmer's market and a multitude of grocers and meat markets to gather those oh-so-perfect ingredients for an elaborately planned dinner party, I adore bringing together the people I love, to eat fabulous food, enjoy delicious drinks, and converse.

and it's all about the little details. grabbing a bundle of a friend's favourite flowers for the vase in your guest bathroom just in case they happen to visit your facilities. picking up your loved one's favourite drink. taking care of a dietary restriction and not broadcasting the effort. seamless comfort for others epitomizes glamour and grace. the goal is consistent: comfortable luxury, naturally.

this month, I can't help but think of my Mom. She died five years ago after an extended battle with multiple cancers. Her attributes were far too numerous to list. I can't help but recall her grace, her quiet elegance, and her ability to instantly put and keep everyone at ease. with a reckless disregard for the impossible and without pretension, She was ready to entertain at the drop of the hat. there was always room at the table, another mug of coffee, a moment to listen, or what always seemed to be like all the time in Her world. She maximized her life with the most minimal ego. I am forever grateful that I know how to entertain in Her style. because that will always be en vogue.