Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sexiest commercial ever

I'm obsessed with this commercial. And not just because there's an incredibly sexy Italian woman.

Monday, March 5, 2012

naturally en vogue

I've really been drawn to texture the last few weeks. Texture can be created in many ways. Visually, colours may fade from one to the other (a gradient concept called degrade). You can also see a degrade effect with fabric combination (One of my favourite suits for women was from Dior and featured a chenille that had been burned out with acid towards the bottom to look like lace. The thick chenille with the transparent, delicate burnout made the perfect gradient). Layering colours and fabrics is the perfect way to add character and depth to any ensemble. Or living space. Or garden.

I love layering textures, patterns, and materials. And not just for clothing either. On a recent trip, the hotel had a massive atrium, and I absolutely adored seeing the landscape designs. Fashion always takes a cue from nature, and this is definitely a good thing.

Love how the red stalk of the plants pops against all the shades of green. Just how brightly coloured heels always make denim pop - adding a splash of colour is the difference between "vom" and "vogue".

This really interesting slice of wood was sitting on a cocktail table inside a department store. The glossiness of the lacquered dark table + the matte finish of the wood, and the incredible geometric grain and shape + the weave of the carpet = fabulous.

I absolutely adore everything that's happening in this above picture. The colours in the small hand knotted carpet in the top corner bring a modern splash of colour and texture, whilst the large area rug brings an added warm dimension, breaking up the pattern from the floor (notice: the colors of the wood floor are also in the area rug and the table cloth), and finished with yet another pattern introduced through the table cloth. It's all about proportion when mixing patterns. Pay attention to shapes and sizes. Keep the same colour family as your focus, and pepper in pops of colour for accent and pizzazz. The intricacies of the wood floor + the larger scale area rug + the geometry of the table cloth with the colour splash of the small carpet= perfection. And I can't get enough.

I snapped the photograph above inside Restoration Hardware. I can't get enough. I've always loved vintage steamer trunks, so to see a massive trunk transformed into a desk = must. have. now! The rich tones of the Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk's leather provide an incredible warmth, the metallics of the buttons make the lighter chestnut leather buckle chair come alive. The mix of media - leather, wood, metal, linen - it's so well done. Classic modernity at its best.

I captured this photograph inside Billy Reid - an incredible American designer who focuses on the most minute details for a genuine authenticity. I've been yelling for yellow for a while now, so to see this rich velvet sofa, with the terrific textures of the wood floor and area rug, you can imagine how excited I was. I can't get enough. (and as if it didn't look cool enough - add in the fact that the wood floor was reclaimed from an old cotton mill factory in New Orleans - and then it's instantly thrust into an entirely new stratosphere of coolness.)