Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stylish Beats

Two things I love: fashion + music. So put the two together and naturally you get Diesel headphones from Beats by Dr Dre.

The look is en pointe and the sound actually delivers.

My buddy Micah Tappe is a singer / songwriter / music guru, so i asked him to check out the phones for a more professional view. Here's his vantage:

I compared them to the Dre Beats Studio. Similar in price. Get beats if you wanna be a sheep (everyone has those-they're old now). Get Diesel if you want to be different. In terms of specs, they're pretty much the same as the Beats. They'll perform just as well as the beats with distinctive highs, leveled mids, and thumping bass. Diesel has a way of doing things with style, though. So, stylistically, I think they're awesome and Far superior (just my opinion). Beats style is old and not very original. Diesel's design has a much more eye-catching appeal than the Beats. From small things like the angled 1/8-inch plug design to bigger features such as the tri-fold feature to easily store the headphones compactly in the included pouch. Quality: Just as with the Beats, Diesel made sure to use a high quality cable to deliver great sound without kinking cables. I especially like the ControlTalk feature allowing you to take calls and/or control music. Now, the last thing would be price. Always, we as consumers want to get the most out of our ¥€$, especially these days. I need to get my hands on them to inspect durability, materials, and design structure. The 1-year warrantee is nice, but to rival the Beats, I wish Diesel would come down just a little in price. I think most people will find that the style of these new Diesel headphones are the real reason the price is where it is.

Check out Micah on iTunes.

Must. Have. Now! Because fashion rocks.