Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Awesome Australian

Here in the United States, there hasn't been much coverage on Australian politics, or even Australia for that matter (other than when the Socceroos are playing a World Cup match) - but I'd just like to honour this fabulous moment in history for the land down under. Today Julia Gillard became the first female Australian prime minister.

A special meeting was called Thursday morning for the Labour Party where the positions for leader and deputy leader were officially declared vacant (which were held by prime minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard as deputy). Gillard secured the office through unanimous vote.

Born in Wales, Gillard moved to Australia as a child and eventually studied law. She's served the House of Representatives, and most recently as deputy prime minister.

I don't know much about her, or Australian politics for that matter, but I know one thing is for sure - women in Australia will have a little extra pep in their step. All things are truly possible. Especially when you put your best Manolo forward!

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dirty said...

Good On you for covering some Aussie Stuff down here in Oz it is amazing time in history like it was for you guys in the US history has definitely changed things!

I created a shirt to commemorate the new prime minister