Saturday, December 5, 2015

luxe loves and lavish lusts

There's nothing more wonderful than giving the perfect gift to the perfect recipient.  Gifts out of obligation aren't gifts; giving gifts out of obligation is impersonal, often lacking meaning, applicable function, or inspiration.  I love giving gifts that you know the recipient will use, but on a much grander scale, with an extra dash of style + class.  Here are a few things I'm loving, for a variety of recipients on your shopping list:

-- Burberry's Prorsum collection is beyond fashion forward.  Imagine having next decade's must-have designs, right now.  The best fabrics and materials.  The most delicate, yet durable construction by hand.  I recently had the privilege of seeing an incredible python and shell embellished trench coat.  One of fifteen made, it can be the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life.  US$15,000.

-- Peter Nappi brings an old world elegance to footwear, small leather goods, and a handful of very edited gifts and accessories.  Fatto a mano a Firenze, Italian for handmade in Florence, each piece is simply beyond.  The colors rich; the leather luxurious; the construction durable.  I literally spend hours in their Nashville studio, taking a journey not around an industrial building in Nashville's trendy Germantown, but a stroll down historic streets of Florence and Toscana.  I've been in love with the simple, elegant Nina clutch since I first saw it.  Perfect for the globetrotting gals in your life, this envelope style clutch has neutral suede lining, antique silver hardware, contrast black leather strap closure.  US$250.  Phone JJ and Joe at +1.615-248-3310 for more details or to place an order.  Global shipping available.

-- Nordstrom has found the perfect mix of stocking something for everyone, with quality, style, and value at all price points.  I'm loving their Moncler Bellette lacquer down coat with fox fur ruff.  From the private jet to the supermarket, this gorgeous geometric chevron quilting streamlines the fit of this three-quarter puffer coat.  Avoid the typical marshmallow look and have an actual silhouette, thanks to the secure zip pockets and center-back seaming that help define a waist. Lavish fur trim and a liquid-shine finish make a sporty and luxe statement for everyday elegance, while soft down fill offers plush warmth throughout the cold-weather season.  Fashion + Function with Style + Class.  US$2210.

While you're at Nordstrom, be sure to stop by the Tom Ford Beauty counter.  I've been obsessed with skincare for more than 15 years now, and I must say I am so impressed by the products on offer by Tom Ford.  On my last trip to the gorgeous Green Hills' location, Tonya showed me two products I'm in love with - for both face and hands.  I'm always surprised how people neglect the skin on their hands.  There's nothing worse than seeing an older man or woman, who clearly has had some nips + tucks, but the wrinkliest, oldest looking hands.  To combat this, I recommend to moisturize and protect your hands daily for both men and women of all ages.  Tom Ford's Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme serum and Intensive Infusion ultra-rich moisturizer are perfect for this. Born from Tom Ford's personal passion for high-performance skin treatments that bring real results, this miracle working serum contains the most concentrated form of the patented Tom Ford Infusing Complex.  This complex packs a one-two punch of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to the deepest levels of the skin, reviving skin's health and radiance and creating a flawless, fabulous finish.  Just a tiny drop of this Concentrated Serum over the face, neck, and hands make for radiance, youthfulness, and vitality that won't fade away.
 And this moisturizer is packed full of intensely nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, like antioxidant rich Shea Butter, restoring skin's brilliance and vitality, and a super special infusing complex that helps skin stimulate its natural repairing mechanisms by prompting cells to replenish their natural energy, along with an army of vitamins and nutrients to shower the skin with the perfect amount of moisture, with a smooth, vibrant appearance.
Together, skin looks and feels brighter, tighter, fresher, and more vivacious.  Phone Tonya on +1.615.850.6700 to place an order or book an appointment for a demonstration in store.

-- The fine folks at Filson have brought style + class to outdoor goods since 1897, and they don't disappoint with the incredible Men's Snowflake Cowichan Sweater.  Some background: the Cowichan Tribes is the band government of the Cowichan, a group of Coast Salish peoples who live in the Cowichan Valley region on Vancouver Island.  With nearly 4,000 registered members, its the single largest First Nations band in British Columbia, Canada.  This unique wool sweater is handmade by the members of the Cowichan tribe with thick, handspun, one-ply wool yarn in three colors, making the warmest sweater imaginable that'll last for decades.  Perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life, or the city dwelling guy who has a bit of a wild side.  US$490.
 --  I love bracelets.  For men or women, I feel like you can't have enough.  Stacks on stacks on stacks.  From woven sailor bracelets to silk or leather chords to solid gold cuffs and diamond encrusted chains, I love them all.  David Yurman offers this stunning, streamline cuff in 18k yellow gold that dreams are made of.  10mm wide, it's absolutely perfect for that extra-special someone in your life.  US$7900.

-- my top three favorite design houses of all time are Christian Dior, Hermes, and Goyard.  Incredibly luxurious, the everyday elegance these brands offer is manifest through historical codes, time-tested and treasured methods for construction, with the finest materials and design elements.  One of the most glamourous ways to add some style + class to your winter wardrobe is with bright, fun gloves.  I absolutely adore these fire orange Grand Prix gloves from Hermes, which feature cognac contrast suede piping and bright palladium plated metal hardware.  US$750.

 -- one of my favorite gifts to give includes really great linens.  From simple tea towels for everyday use in the kitchen, to more extravagant linens for the bed, you can never go wrong with this category for gifts and special occasions.  Belgian based Libeco not only respect the time honored and tested methods of traditional linen products, they are fiercely committed to protecting the environment, while creating the most exquisite linens

What is your favorite indulgence?  In a dream world, what would Father Christmas deliver under your tree?  What would you unwrap on the sixth day of Hanukkah?  What would your sweetheart surprise you with?

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