Monday, March 8, 2010

Award Winning Fashion - Academy Awards 2010

Hollywood award shows have always been about our favourite girls in glitz and glamour. I'm quite thrilled that the powerhouse designers didn't disappoint in their over-the-top, full of everything we love to see and wish to own ourselves creations. Sometimes, during difficult economic environments or social tragedy, we see an immense scaling back on the red carpet. Hopefully, our economies will soon match the red carpet - full of vitality, inspiration, and beauty.

Here are some of my favourites from the last night's programme:

Vera Farmiga is majestic in Marchesa. (although the dress bares a striking resemblance to a creme coloured wax coated ruffle gown that Dior showed in 2006).

Demi Moore apparently bathes in the fountain of youth - sexy, stunning, and serious style. Atelier Versace gown and heels, Van Cleef and Arpels jewels, and Ferragamo clutch.

Reviving retro in the best way, Sarah Jessica Parker rocked this Chanel Couture 60s inspired column gown. Perfect colour, perfect fit...just absolutely perfect.

If the red carpet is an actress's sounding board for her love of style and fashion, we're hearing Zoe Saldana loud and clear! This fabulous Givenchy Couture frock is spot on, with glitter, glitz, and glam.

Saving the best for last, Sandra Bullock looked simply stunning in this flesh coloured, intricately beaded Marchesa gown. Elegance at its best.

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Beth said...

I think all of these women looked stunning, but I would have added one more person and one more point.

The person would be Rachel McAdams. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved how flow-y and ethereal her dress was.

The point I would have added would be that none of the dresses were incredibly immodest or left the women looking naked or over-exposed. You can still be fashionable, fabulous, and gorgeous even without showing everyTHING to everyBODY.