Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion Loves and Lusts

(in no particular order)

-- Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target, that was released just last Sunday and is absolutely amazing. I think the concept of having brilliant designers inject some of their style and design influence into an affordable, mass marketed and limited edition collection is so much more palatable than having these same designers cheapen their collection or make their haute couture ranges more marketable solely in the name of making money in tough economic situations.

-- And speaking of Target, the trendy retailer is also set to launch a new collection featuring Liberty of London's fabulous fabrics. Is it a little ironic to anyone else that Liberty of London used to partner with J. Crew, and that now J. Crew is carrying a special collection of Levi's jeans, which traditionally would be sold in a Target like store?

-- Dolce & Gabbana's La Force fragrance (number 11 in the new series)

-- Cole Haan's Air Caden wing tip oxford. Comfortable. Lightweight. Durable. And oh-so-sexy. The perfect pop of colour for spring in the season's trendiest and boldest shade - electric blue.
-- I'm loving the expected wit and amazing charm that Stella McCartney injects into her creations. Maybe the fact that she began her show with a fake recording of Tiger Woods allegedly leaving a voicemail for his alleged mistress to remover her alleged name from her alleged voicemail message. But maybe it's the way she designs for women, by a woman, with the most elegance, grace, and power - all rolled into each garment. Stella is British Brilliance at it's best.

-- Christian Dior's stretch strappy sandal. He is the master of modern luxury. And his shoes never disappoint. Never is a strong word. And I meant it.

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