Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sorority Style

There's a certain nostalgia that is incredibly valuable in the fashion industry. I don't just mean taking inspiration from the past, or updating a vintage look. The nostalgia I mean is the the same feeling you'd achieve in showing an Ivy League alumnus the repp stripe tie he wore in college with coordinating crested blazer. Or the same vivid feeling your Grandfather might have when he sees the Royal Marines uniform cap. It's more than just fashion - it's a sense of self, a sense of belonging, and a proud reflection.

So, too, does Lilly Pulitzer enter the fall fashion lineup with pizazz and nostalgia. Joining those iconic prints of pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, and white that have been splashing colour from Palm Beach to Pittsburgh is Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Line. Beginning with four sororities, Delta Zeta, Tri Delt, Kappa Delta, and Kappa Kappa Gamma ladies can now accessorize with pride and style. Featuring vintage inspired prints, these brightly coloured bags, accessories, and scarves are sure to bring women of all ages back to their glory days.

As if we needed another means to network, now you can easily identify your sisters from afar! Building a community, remembering the good times, and looking good are always en vogue.

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