Thursday, August 19, 2010

Status Update: My Sears online shopping experience

So on Tuesday, I filled you in with some tips I learned over the past three months dealing with an unfortunate experience with Sears. And wanted to give an update on my status as well as some additional tips:

Sears has yet to credit my debit card account yet. On Wednesday I learned that the supervisor who was issuing my credit didn't fill out the paperwork properly, so the credit had to be reissued. I was told the process would be complete within 1-2 business days, that a new supervisor and off-line department would see to this resolution as quickly as possible, and that everything would be taken care of.

I phoned Sears again this evening, because I had yet to see the credit - only to discover that the credit had yet to be issued, as it was caught up in the off-line department still. And to make matters worse, after multiple employees were told of my situation and worked on the solution - all knowing very plainly that I had cancelled the order and expected my full refund immediately - I STILL continued to receive an email from Sears today, updating me that my parts were "back ordered and would arrive on 26 June 2010" ... you can imagine how thrilling this was.

So yet another supervisor/associate/account manager/employee of Sears is "working" on the "solution" to refund my money. Long, drawn out, dramatic story short: it's been more than 90 days since I ordered my replacement parts. It's been more than 90 days since Sears received my payment. I have canceled my order. I continue to receive emails proclaiming a "26 June 2010" delivery for said back ordered items. And I still don't have my money.

When you place an online order and follow up or make any communication with the retailer - keep a detailed log of all communication. Document employee names AND identification numbers, the time and date of the communication, the issue, action, and result, and any specific instructions or notes they may tell you.

Ask for the representative to read back to you their notes, before you end the call, so that you're comfortable and aware of exactly what they have notated on your account.

And when in doubt, know that your credit card company and the Better Business Bureau are on your side.

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