Thursday, February 24, 2011

luxe loves of the moment

in no particular order of course!

colored canvas belts

That khaki slim fit motorcycle jacket from
Louis Vuitton with laced panels on the front and sleeves

The just-plain-cool juxtaposition of pairing a terrifically tailored
Burberry jacket, shirt, and slim (but not too skinny!) tie with your favourite, broken-in denim and sweet shoes (for help with great denim and shoes, call Paul from John Varvatos Los Angeles at 310-859-27910)

The elegance
Tom Ford can bring to every single man. (ps - I still can't get enough of the visual artistry the movie styling brings!)

The incredible paisley that only Etro knows best

Canali 14000 series. Modern fit for modern men. Incredible fabrics. Very chic. Call John at Bloomingdale's at 407-264-2400)

Plastic aviators with smokey gray lenses. Especially from
Marc Jacobs and Persol

The incredible political pun behind
Diesel's new "Diesel Island" campaign. With slogans and sayings like "pioneers arrived on Diesel Island seeking refuge from tyrannical regimes, economic crisis, political corruption, and reality shows. Land of the stupid, home of the brave." and "Diesel Island's border walk prevents illegal immigrants from walking into our territory. (they'll have to jump in instead!).

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