Friday, April 29, 2011

fabulous finds

in no particular order, here are some people and things that I cannot simply get enough of:

Glamourous, gorgeous gray of all hues and all sort. In my bumble opinion, gray is the most versatile colour, from casual t's to formal tuxedos and gowns, to paint and jewelry, gray is always en vogue. It's the perfect canvas for every occasion.

I love denim that's not overly worked. Leave those super whiskered, beyond destroyed, hanging-by-a-thread jeans for yardwork and camping.

Dior Homme jeans - classic fabrics, modern silhouettes, streamline, not-so-tight-we-can-tell-your-religion, not-so-baggy that you lose shape, these jeans are casual, comfortable, and certifiably cool.

The Fiat 500 is finally available in the US, and I think I must. have. now! And speaking of things available for the first time in the US, MAGNUM ICE CREAM BARS are here, too! Happiness. Pure happiness.

Two kitchen ranges you should know, own, and use frequently: Staub and Shun. Staub, makers of enamel coated cast iron cookery from France, and Shun, makers of my favourite Edo collection of knives, are masters of their craft. Classic, time-tested kitchen traditions with modern, marvelous flair. Well done doesn't begin to describe the technique and end result. Cooking and chopping has never been the same.

Kate Middleton, or Princess Catherine as she's now known, in her incredible Sarah Burton dress for Alexander McQueen. The neckline. The silhouette. The modernity to the top, with the classic inspiration for the bottom, that quietly elegant lace, the flawless makeup, the vintage Cartier tiara. I could go on and on. (And dear, God, I think I might be in love with her sister Pippa!)

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