Monday, May 30, 2011

international style

I've noticed a huge trend in the US lately, and I must admit: I am in love with the fact that an influx of international fashion has exploded here. Some of my favourite retailers from around the world are opening up shop stateside. Here are some that I can't get enough of:

-- Etiqueta Negra from Argentina. Imagine if Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and the creative people behind American Eagle's Martin + Osa all made a South American love child! Rugged. Masculine. Refined. Modern. I cannot get enough. Currently only two stateside stores: Miami and New York City. Shout out to David in Aventura (Miami) if you need assistance. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

-- Allsaints Spitalfields from London. One of the coolest throwback stores. I'd say if you took John Varvatos and made him shack up in the UK on a tour bus with the coolest independent rock band ever, the place they'd shop and hang out would be Allsaints. Quality, style, character, and creativity are the name of the game. And music is more than the soundtrack. Fashion rocks at Allsaints. Currently about 15 retail locations nationwide.

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