Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Suggestions 2011

there are several things this year that I'm really loving, so over the next month, I'm devoting my blog posts to highlighting some fabulous finds. in no particular order:

-- Latissima Plus, by DeLonghi + Nespresso: Nespresso is owned corporately by Nestle, the world's largest food distributor. Collectively, they buy one third of the world's coffee, and reserve the top 1% of that for their own Nespresso pods - so the quality of the coffee is beyond incredible, and only $,57 per shot. Each machine has 19 bars of pressure and a flash heating system, so in less than 30 seconds, they instantly create the best espresso, with the perfect crema and are always between 186 and 195 degrees. Each pod is hermetically sealed, so they stay fresh for a year. And with a flat shipping rate of less than $7, you can order as little as 10 pods or 10,000 pods, and when you place your order by noon, you get them the next business day. What's not to love?! Plus this little gizmo froths the milk, so you get the perfect cappuccino or latte.
-- Garden in a Bag, Christmas Tree!
Made by Potting Shed Creations, in Troy, ID, and sold through Branch Home, this plastic-lined kraft-paper bag contains soil, seeds, and the perfect amount of eco-friendly holiday cheer! This great gift allows the giver to color and sign the "tag" on the front of the bag, making it a work of art that also grows. When the plant has outgrown the bag, simply re-pot the plant by removing it from the bag. US$9.00.

-- take the guesswork out of giving with these "get the hint" gift tags from CB2! Ask and you shall receive (or at least be heard). Five not so subtle message pads peel, stick and flag your faves. Set of five pads includes: I Want This, Love These, Buy This, And This, Yes Please. Five assorted mini pads, 20 sticky notes per pad. US$5,95. -- fresh flowers from bbrooks. Why wait for an anniversary, a birthday, or Valentine's Day to send the most incredible bouquet? Sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer with an unexpected, unbelievable arrangement.

- it's not snooty to wear a snood! fur + snood = MUST. HAVE. NOW! I can't get enough - this might be the hottest (and warmest!) accessory ever. Available only for the coolest modelcitizen you know.

-- three things I love: GQ Magazine, Maison Martin Margiela, and my iPhone. Put them all together and you get the GQ recommended MMM iPhone case. Yes please! Here's what GQ had to say: "To paraphrase our pal Yeezy, "What's that phone case, Margiela?" Yes, yes it is. So does your iPhone really need a leather sheath and shearling interior? Probably not. Will it thank you every time you drop it behind the bar at 3a.m. after one too many whiskeys? Count on it." US$410 at

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