Wednesday, April 20, 2016

shout the benefits

Customers don't buy shovels because they need a shovel.  Customers buy shovels because they need a hole.  As sales associates, it's important to understand the features and functions of the products or services we're selling, but we must not forget the end result.  The end result isn't just to sell products; the end result is to achieve the goals of our valued customers.  If we focus to achieving their goals, competently and confidently recommending products and services to suite their needs, we'll have customers for life.

Each day, spend a moment and look at your business from the eyes of your clients.  What do you notice first?  Does your store's presentation and environment convey the message you're hoping for?  Does your store layout make sense?  Can customers easily find what they're looking for and navigate effortlessly?  Empower your junior managers, supervisors, and everyday associates to keep this perspective in mind.  When you focus to meeting the goals of your customers, you'll naturally meet the goals of your employees and business. 

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