Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hermès Yacht

LONDON, England (CNN) -- French retailer Hermès and Monaco-based Wally Construct have teamed up to design a 125-foot wide, wedge-shaped yacht offering the ultimate life of luxury on the water.

The innovative new craft, which is yet to be built, has features including an 82 ft on-board salt water swimming pool, a 118 ft "beach" on the back deck and cutting-edge sustainable technologies.

The ship's central power system will recycle thermal energy and draw power from a diesel engine, a telescopic wind-turbine and 10,000 square feet of photovolactic solar panels, which ring the glass portion of the hull.
The unique triangular design of the hull will keep the yacht stable even amidst storms and high waves. In full swell the hull barely moves.

Inside, a 2,200 square foot master-suite decorated by Hermès occupies the entire 3rd floor and boasts its own private deck. On the second floor five guest suites and a recreational lounge offer luxurious accommodation for 12 people. The lower floor holds common space including a spa, dinning room and cinema.

Now all Hermès and Wally need is a buyer, so they can build it.

Until there's a buyer - take a virtual tour online. Few can afford the real thing, but everyone can dream!

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