Monday, February 15, 2010

Luxe Lives (and loves) in London

I just spent about a week in London - and I must say, I am incredibly inspired. Maybe I'm particularly reflective, especially with the recent passing of Alexander McQueen, but I can definitely appreciate a bit more of his wildly amazing creativity and fantasy filled designs.

While walking through the bustling markets in London, I came across these two gentleman. Serious style. Attention to details. The vibrant coloured red shoes, accentuated by the red stripe of the coat. The perfectly balanced not-too-short and not-too-long pants (and a possibly homage to Michael Jackson with those visible white socks?). And loving the ecru coloured jacket, with slightly darker toned trapper hat - such a breath of fresh air in a sea of dark coats and drab colours.

The first gentleman, with his wild hair and vintage Ray Ban aviators just oozed with style. The cable knit, chunky sweater with the sleeves so care free and pushed up. The dark cords. The fabulous boots- they were definitely made for walking, especially down runways! Effortless, flawless style so excellently executed.

Seeing these two guys, along with the many other incredibly stylish visitors and inhabitants of London brought a renewed sense of creativity, appreciation for unique styling, and reminded me why I love fashion so much. There's no doubt Alexander McQueen was a fabulous designer, and I'm sure that there's some part owed to the stylish city of London.

Some things I just love about London:

-- The fact that nearly all of my favourite stores have food halls (for those that don't know: food halls are fabulous grocery departments) - especially at Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Marks & Spencer.

-- Walker's Salt and Vinegar Crisps (Potato Chips for those in America)

-- the gusto Brits seem to use when saying the Underground stop "Embankment"

-- The high fashion and low prices at Top Shop

-- The unending delicious options of Indian and Chinese foods (not to mention Sushi, Kebabs, Doners, and this weird obsession with southern style American fried chicken)

-- The pomp and circumstance of Harrod's

-- shopping on Sloane and New Bond streets

-- miniature Cadbury creme eggs

-- Jack Wills

-- The Spitalfields Market (especially brunch at The LUXE)

-- the egg shaped toilet pods at Sketch in Mayfair

-- the Fashion and Textile Museum

As you can gather - I love London, and can't wait to return!

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