Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hotel Living

So I just was looking online at old articles published by Esquire Magazine. One of them was about a "bucket list" and featured 75 things to do before you die. Some of them I've already done. Some of them I have no interest in doing. But number nineteen is calling my name.

Lean into the services a good hotel offers as if it were a way of life and it will be. On the first day, order the same breakfast to be delivered to your room at the same time, every day thence. Tell them you like the newspaper on the cart, with no plastic bag. Take long showers. Stop in at the front desk for messages. Greet the doormen with a twenty. Take walks. Take saunas. Learn the name of the room-service manager. Establish a routine involving a cocktail, the balcony, and a bowl of olives. Tell the concierge to make you seven dinner reservations for seven nights. Tell him to surprise you. After you leave, go back a year later and they will remember your name. At a hotel, it is good to be known.

So I'm curious. Where do you think I should check in? Kindly leave your suggested favourite hotel name and city in the comment sections.


John Shippee said...

The Soho Met in Toronto.

Elizabeth said...

Oh! We are are going to the Hudson Hotel in NYC in 2 weeks so I will let you know then!! That sounds like heaven right now!!

Anonymous said...

Waldorf in NYC

Anonymous said...

Hotel Monaco in Seattle