Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Than Your Best Friend

I don't believe in reincarnation. I hope when I die, I go to heaven and that will be the end of it. But I do think sometimes that I've had several past lives. I know that sounds a little odd. But it's true. There are some things I love, some things I'm infatuated with, and some skills I am able to perform that I people of this age normally don't acquire. For example, how many heterosexual men know how to sew? Or bake a pie? Or know the most random details about how Christian Dior made his first couture dresses? Or cared about the brilliance of diamonds? Maybe I'm just in training to be the perfect husband.

Over the past several months, I've become friends with the fabulous ladies (and gentleman) at Be On Park, a luxury jewelry boutique in Winter Park, Florida. Incredibly personable, warm, and friendly, these lovely ladies are as smart as they are beautiful. They know the story. They love the romance. And they know their jewels.

I don't pretend to know much about jewelry. I like what I like. I know you're supposed to pay attention the colour, the cut, the clarity, and the carat weight, but I doubt I'd know the difference between a high quality and a not-so-nice version.

There are several pieces in the store that I really love. One, in particular, is a necklace from A. Link. And you know me - I had to know more about the company, the story, the romance...

The origins of A. Link & Co. predate 1900. Mr. Adolph Link, son of a Viennese goldsmith, came to New York City in 1894. Growing up on New York’s lower east side, he met the youngest daughter of a rabbi, Anna, whom he married in 1912. Adolph apprenticed as a platinum jeweler with Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. His wife’s diligent work enabled him to purchase raw gold and platinum to fabricate his own designs along with Fifth Avenue’s greatest craftsman.

In the early 1940’s Adolph’s two sons joined their father in his business. Seymour becoming a jeweler and Marvin apprenticed as a diamond cutter in Antwerp. It is from these two trades that A. Link derived its reputation as a dealer in the finest made diamonds and a manufacturer of traditional diamond jewelry.
Renowned for creating elegant and timeless diamond jewelry, as well as providing superb customer service, the company has been family operated for generations. Currently managed in their U.S. office by Jeffrey Link and Douglas Sills, A. Link continues to supply the finest jewelry retailers worldwide. Dali Diamond, a Diamond Trading Company sightholder since 1967, manufacturers diamonds in compliance with the highest professional and ethical standards. In 2003, after 15 years of supplying 60/60 diamonds to A. Link, Dali Diamond was proud to announce a full and comprehensive partnership with A. Link.

I am in love. Finding something you're passionate about, dedicating your life to mastering the craft, and having an unending dedication to producing only the best-of-the-best products is so inspiring and fascinating.

Just like the fine details and personalized products from couture ranges like Dior, Hermes, and Armani, not all diamonds are created equal.

The quality of an A. Link diamond is immediately visible, even under the most remarkable conditions. Any diamond can sparkle in the light of day, but an A. LINK diamond will sparkle in the dark, needing only the most minimal light to share its brilliance. Such dazzling effects are due to the A. LINK signature 60/60 cut diamonds, where the table and depth percentages are the same, maximizing diameter weight and reflectivity. These diamonds have table sizes from 58 to 61 percent with depths of 59 to 61 percent. These percentages average 60\60, all other parameters, i.e., polish, symmetry, culet, and girdle specifications are “good” or better. We grade our diamonds for color and clarity with expertise comparable to the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) and the American Gem Society (A.G.S.)

Diamonds are so much more than a girl's best friend. They're my friend, too. If you haven't met, the lovely ladies at Be On Park will be glad to introduce you...

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