Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

part of me hope you're all resolving to live more fashionable, more meaningful, and more glamourous lives. but part of me hope you're already living the most fashionable, most meaningful, and most glamourous life as you can.

it's nice to have something to hope for, a time in our lives that reminds us to get back to basics, fine tuning your focus onto what and who is important. but at the same time, shouldn't we all inherently want to de-clutter our lives and concentrate our existence, maximizing meaning and minimizing expenditure of resources?

i've got a myriad of thoughts streaming through my mind. there's so much i want to say. and nothing at all.

it's cold outside, so i'm happy to wear some of my favourite warm weather gear. right now, i'm loving my double-faced wool peacoat from Ralph Lauren's Rugby it's got military style buttons, is very streamlined, a little extra tailoring than normal, and comes right to the bottom of my hips. perfect length for "not so cold" cold weather. easy to get in and out of the car with. and has the warmest, softest pockets. the little details are fabulous too - visible darting, tone-on-tone top stitching, backer buttons, and silk lining. loads of interior, hidden pockets. and a reinforced loop to hang on coat hooks and such.

i love cooking. for myself, for my friends and family, for other people. my family has always loved cooking and entertaining, but it took on an entirely new meaning when my Mom died. cooking = memories. cooking = a gift. cooking = sustenance for the body, nourishment for the soul.

i love traveling. new food, new fashion, new friends, new finds, new cultures and experiences.

as much as i love being around people, i also like eating by myself. at the bar of fabulous restaurants. you get better service. and the people watching is much better than in the restaurant. and if you're lucky, order what the bar tender orders or recommends, and the kitchen staff will go out of their way to prepare in the most perfect way your food. because when you eat the bar tender's recommendation at the tender's bar, it's not just the reputation of the restaurant, but the reputation of the bar tender as well, that's on the line. and everyone benefits.

i love when people pay attention to the simple details done well. the perfect crema on espresso. taking the time to arrange a proper bouquet of flowers. holding the door for others. wrapping a present with the most beautiful papers, ribbons, and decor. remembering people's preferences. in essence, surrounding yourself with beauty, thought, class, and comfort.Link

i can't wait for my new iPhone to arrive. i've had the same iPhone for nearly 5 years, and it's time to upgrade. part of me is a little disappointed - i've kept the device in mint condition - but all of the software updates and such are a little too complex for the now out-of-date hardware. but the other part of me is overjoyed. you see, my trusty iPhone has lasted much longer than most mobilephones on the market today, so i'm thankful. and hope i get as much use, enjoyment, and entertainment from the new one as i have from my current device.

i'm kind of obsessed with food halls. you know, grocers and grocery departments of upscale stores. like Harvey Nichols. Harrods. Williams-Sonoma. Fortnum & Mason. Dean & DeLuca. David Jones.

i love beautiful things with function. like fabulous cookware. or incredible shoes/outerware. or a beautiful tote bag. everyday elegance and comfortable luxury.

that's my goal for this year. to maximize my everyday elegance and comfortable luxury, and help you learn how to incorporate this into your every day.

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