Wednesday, February 22, 2012

comfortable luxury = convenient living

the only currency that is accepted and valued in every culture, throughout every age, is time. when we save time, when I give of you my time, when we spend time together, there's a special air. one of the biggest facets to comfortable luxury is having a life of convenience. here are some things you might love. I know I do.
-- towering trees need deep roots and a sturdy stump. I'm loving the stump portable tablet and device holder! Take this tiny hunk of rubber where ever you go - it's the perfect holder for your favourite devices. from iPads, iPhones, kindles, nooks, and any other iDevice you may love, this is a travel must. US$24,95.

-- we're always on the go. and let's face it, we need to be drinking more water. and always having to buy a new bottle of water adds only adds waste to the environment, wastes your budget, and wastes your time. that's why I love recyclable bottles. the Bkr Bottle is easy to grab, provides the perfect pop of colour, so you'll never forget it, and is made of glass - so it doesn't change the taste of your beverage like metals or plastics can. Glass bottle, silicone sleeve and gasket, polypropylene cap. FDA-approved, BPA-free, BPA replacement-free, phthalate free. US$28.

I don't mean to sound like an alcoholic, but i love cocktails. maybe it's the relaxation, the community and entertainment of sharing good times with good people. I love to make every hour happy. and I must say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bar selections from bloomingdales. planning a cocktail party is so easy. invite some friends, make a few floral arrangements, light some candles, keep the snacks simple (chex mix, fresh fruits, cheese, nuts), make a signature cocktail and chill it in a big pitcher so you don't have to keep mixing individual drinks, and have a few mixers/selection of liquor. bam - instant fiesta.

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