Thursday, February 2, 2012

sprite style

add some bubbly fresh, crispy flavours to your style and instantly wash away the winter blues.

-- neon. Marc Jacobs' stinky rat t-shirts come in the perfect colours. I wear his t-shirts when I exercise, as added prevention from reckless cars whilst biking or running and affectionately refer to them as "construction cone orange", "electric tennis ball green", "oh-my-god, that's bright yellow", and "hyper pigmentation pink". Layer these colours with your tone-on-tone khaki, gray, or black, and you'll be set for an incredible night out. Just remember: limit the use of these intense shades or you'll end up looking more billboard and less Beverly Hills.

-- prints. Floral, animal, geometric, haphazard. Channel your inner Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Etro, and DvF. Even conservative brands like Theory have invited themselves to the printed party. Pair a fantastic tie-dye printed blouse under a blazer for work, and then swap out the dress pants / skirt for your favourite skinny gray denim, and you're instantly transformed from business power to social star.

-- check out these brands, too: Isabel Marant, Cathy Waterman, and Hoorsenbuhs.

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