Friday, November 20, 2015

light the way

I just spent a few weeks on holiday, visiting family and friends back "home" - and I must say, I never realized how much I love lighting until now. You don't realize how much you notice something is missing until you experience it again - and Florida wins with lighting. Maybe it's the outdoor lifestyle, the eternal summertime climate, or the constant stream of visitors. Lighting sets the mood, highlights product, location, and features, and sets the amateurs apart from the professionals.

Consider this: 

Lighting for ambiance: special colors can create mood. Hues of blue evoke cool, calm, and quiet, while hues of red are warm, cozy, and intimate. Notice the red up lighting at the entrance to the Grand Bohemian's lobby bar - it brings instant sophistication and a certain chicness.

Grand Bohemian Link

Lighting for ambiance should be of appropriate brightness, too. Bright, white light gives the impression of sterile nature and cleanliness - perfect for doctors' and dentists' offices, grocery stores, and car washes. 

Landscape and architectural lighting can really bring a dash of style + class to your home or business. Amplify your investment in landscaping by highlighting the features at night, as well. I love this office building in downtown Orlando - the effect really makes for easier enjoyment of the landscaping, regardless of time of day. 

And how boring would Epcot's Spaceship Earth be without the incredible night lighting? 

Epcot's Spaceship Earth link

Lighting inside is just as important. With the right space, light sources, and decor, you can really maximize your image. Take a panoramic look at one of my favorite stores in Nashville, Peter Nappi:

The entrance is inviting, the shoes and accessories are highlighted, and the ambiance incredible. Imagine how terrible the effect would be if only fluorescent lighting was utilized! The store literally envelopes you, bathing you in luxury Italian lifestyle. 

Consider the purpose.  There are generally three types of indoor lighting - general or ambient lighting, purpose lighting, and accent lighting.  General lighting sets the atmosphere and tone, usually provided by one large light source, like a chandelier, or many smaller lights, like a lighting system or multiple sources.  Recessed lighting may provide a room's general glow, mixed with lamps for ambiance and creating space.  Task lighting is typically smaller lights, used for specific purposes - like a reading lamp, a light over your stove for cooking, or in a particular work space.  Accent light is purely for creating drama, texture, and excitement - highlighting inanimate objects like art, architecture, and decor.  

Light effects so much - from your mood, to the experience, and even quality of sleep.  What do you think?  Who has the best light?

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