Monday, November 2, 2015

Ford. Tom Ford.

I might be in love with Tom Ford.  Not just because every single detail is given the utmost attention and concern.  Not just because every piece in every collection is perfect.  Not just because anything associated with his name automatically equates to style, class, quality, and artistic brilliance.  I love Tom Ford because his designs are always made with love.  His creations aren't clad in logo, clouded with commercialism, or designed en masse.

Mr. Ford has dressed James Bond in a few of the latest installments of the cinematic interpretation of Ian Fleming's famous British agent.  Here are a few looks Mr. Bond dons in Spectre:

Tom Ford, President of the eponymous brand, said, "I could not be happier to be dressing Daniel Craig as James Bond again in the upcoming film, Spectre.  James Bond epitomizes the Tom Ford man in his elegance, style, and love of luxury.  It is an honor to move forward with this iconic character."

In the entertainment industry, product placement is everything.  Where the character grabs a coffee may define more of the character for a character.  This is no different than for reality and the every day.  The choices we make in our appearance, where we're going, what we're doing, and who we associate ourselves all add to our very definition.

When there's an iconic character, like James Bond, to outfit in the most amazing cinematic experiences, every choice becomes a strategic marketing opportunity.  Agent 007 has driven through some of the most thrilling car chases and get-away escape plans.  And for more than 50 years, featured in 12 of the 24 cinematic installments, Mr. Bond has driven Aston Martin.  Omega jumped on board with the Seamaster 300 Spectre limited edition watch.  Northampton shoe maker Crocket & Jones has supplied six different options for the fast footed Bond.  It's not just luxury clothing and automobiles that are featured either.  More than 17 brands are enjoying the commercial success of Mr. Bond, including Heineken beer, Bollinger Champagne, and the Macallan malt whiskey, along side Sig Sauer handguns.  You'll also notice strategically placed Jaguars, Fiats, and Range Rovers, Sony mobilephones and cameras, Missoni sweaters, and N.Peal polo shirts.

I'm not mad at the nearly too-much product placement.  Aside from a few lingering shots, the brands chosen only add to the character of the characters.  James Bond might not be so believable if he was wearing an ill-fitting suit and racing away in a Ford Ka.  And as a huge 007 fan, I know that these movies come with outrageous price tags to produce, so as long as the brands continue to be in line with the right feel and evoke the right emotion, I'm OK with seeing a few iconic logos and crests.

If your life was made into a movie, what stores, products, and restaurants would be featured in your film?

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