Sunday, November 22, 2015

the future is now

One of my favorite facets of fashion is the ability of designers to mix codes of yesterday with a look for tomorrow, the blending of old and new for a fresh interpretation of style + class.  Yesterday's future with tomorrow's nostalgia, if you will, and innovation at its finest.

Volvo began in 1927 out of necessity to create motorcars strong and safe enough for challenging Swedish roadways, and throughout the years, have evolved from a brand known just for safety and comfort, but a stylish, innovative, and futuristic product.  Enter: LifePaint.

Each year in the United Kingdom alone, more than 19,000 bicyclists are involved in accidents.  Initially intended for vehicles with low profiles, LifePaint is a reality.  LifePaint is a unique water based reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it glows brightly in direct glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible. LifePaint washes off, and will not damage the color or the surface of your chosen material, lasting more than a week of normal usage.  Not just reserved for two wheelers, LifePaint is perfect for clothing, shoes, skateboards, helmets, wheelchairs and strollers, backpacks, camping tents, and virtually anything else you can imagine.  LifePaint is currently only available at select dealers and retailers throughout the UK, and may be available for purchase through third party sites like Amazon as well.  The more popular the product, the more likely Volvo offers LifePaint in other markets.

Makes me think of when Cole Haan made a reflective collection - beautiful shoes and accessories by day, bright and reflective safety devices by night.

Since 1885, Bianchi have made some of the most beautiful, high-tech bicycles imagined.  Like Volvo, Edoardo Bianchi focused on safety, drastically changing the shape and mechanisms used on the two-wheeled vehicles.  And also like Volvo, the brand has evolved into one of the most fashionable, beautiful brands.  This year, they've teamed up with fellow countrymen at Gucci and created an incredible helmet.  For safety + fashion sense, get the Bianchi + Gucci helmet:

Bianchi + Gucci helmet

What other stylish safety products have you discovered?  Innovation + style + safety = class for all.

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