Friday, June 3, 2016

built to love, built to be loud, built to last

I just realized I've had the same headphones for 10 years.  Ten years of travel, ten years of sweaty exercise, ten years of movies and music, and ten years of pure enjoyment.  When I originally purchased them, I knew they weren't cheap, but trusted B&O's sound and engineering quality.  And after a decade, I still stand by their superior craftsmanship and enjoyment.  I don't know if mine are the original model, but the only improvements I would make have already been added to the current version (a microphone and audio controls on the decide).  Other than that - I love them. 

Technically, the headphone dimensions are 35 mm x 59 mm x 14 mm, have a weight of 22 g, consist of an electro-dynamic intra concha earphone, have a 1.2 m cord, and have a frequency range of 50 - 20,000 Hz.
Anders Hermansen designed them specifically for maximum comfort as well, leaving each piece maneuverable up or down and side to side.  Headphones include a 2-year warranty and free shipping online at B&O.  US$199.  

What headphones do you love?

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