Friday, September 25, 2009

Desired Denim on Sale

It's one thing when a company promotes a denim sale and only seems to showcase or promote their ugliest, ill-fitting denim options. I've seen this all too often, where only the older, unattractive styles are offered, in a lame attempt to get potential customers into the stores and drive their business. There's a certain company that's not exactly the express train to fashion, that I lovingly refer to as "the garage sale store" - characterized by their seemingly permanent collection of cardboard boxes with giant red price signs scattered about the floor and all available space. Seriously, who wants to dig through a box of extra small or extra extra large sized clothing from last season?

Now, on the other side of that denim coin, there are some stores that actually mean what they say. When Barney's has a designer denim event, they actually make an effort to stock up on complete size runs, the latest trends, and styles for all.

This weekend, Martin + Osa is the definition of what a denim sale should be. All weekend long, all of the newest, greatest denim for the fall season are only US$59. This isn't last season's left overs either - it's the latest denim originally priced from US$79,50-120. For fall, I love a good, inky denim - and their vintage slim fit jeans for men in black resin wash are definitely the perfect staple. The women's fits and washes are equally as alluring - especially the supercross jean in charcoal wash, slimfit jean in gray destruction wash, the bootfit jean in dark indigo wash, and every one of the flair fit denim.

Now, on another note, you'll remember a few months ago, one of my clients was asking about appropriate attire for a "resort themed" party. Well, she's recently texted another question, and I thought you might be interested as well.

Q: "Can I wear boots with vintage white matchstick jeans? And if so, what style and color?"

A: Yes, yes, and yes! I love how denim looks with boots, for both men and women, in any season. Here are a few tips:

-- if you're wearing a more tailored denim, especially with skinner legs, be sure to tuck the denim into your boots. Whether tall boots or ankle boots, tucking in the denim will accentuate the footwear and create a longer, leaner silhouette.

-- when wearing lighter denim, or WHITE denim like in my client's case, avoid black leathers and opt for a warmer shade of brown like chestnut, chocolate, or even a lighter honey or caramel. The contrast of big black leathers with white denim will be too intense and dark. (now, not to make this complicated -but a caged ankle boot or gladiator style booty is ab.fab. in black with white denim).

-- to keep your denim from bunching inside your boot and keep a perfect silhouette all day long, gather the excess denim towards your lower leg or ankle and use a small clip or rubber band to keep them in place. then slip on the boot and dominate all day long.

-- if your denim is super destroyed or is anything other than "plain", choose a boot that's not as destroyed. pick one or the other. not both.

-- for women, I'm loving super tall boots, riding style boots, and short ankle boots or caged booties. it's the opposite extremes - either short or tall, and nothing in between.

For men - we only tuck denim into boots if we're riding on a horse during a polo match, or if you're wearing rain boots during a downpour. other than that - never tuck the denim.

Remember, just because denim is on sale doesn't mean you have to settle for ugly, ill-fitting jeans. Shop smart. Buy what you like and flatters you best. If not - no matter how inexpensive - move on.

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