Friday, September 11, 2009

Love, Love LAMB

You’ve listened to her music. You’ve seen her trademark blonde locks, vivacious red lipstick, and rockstar influence in the most feminine way. Now it’s time to fuse her influence into your every day. Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Spring 2010 collection is absolutely amazing. Japan meets Jamaica for a glam-rock-star-studded masterpiece.

While some designers and power fashion houses are caving to the recession and creating collections that lack quality, fantasy, and creativity, Gwen’s new collection is simply stellar. Most rocker chic trends currently showing are only fitting in either biker bars or red carpet events – but Gwen’s collection unleashes the inner rockstar in us all. From her trademark structured blazers in luxe leather, to balloon shorts that flatter nearly every body type, and great staples like denim galore and feminine tops, the collection is a must have for spring.

Gwen’s debut album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. inspired the acronym for her fashion line. Created in 2003 and debuting in 2004, it’s obvious Gwen has stepped up her game and really come into her own. Maybe it’s her two adorable children. Or the added maturity generally associated with age and professional success. Regardless – the fashion gods are definitely in her favour. I’ve seen her collections before, and knew she had a special spark that most celebrity designers lacked. But this time, Spring 2010 is for real.

I always talk about the “hi-lo” – mixing and matching different styles, qualities, and price points. And Gwen’s fabulous fashions definitely fit this serious style. Imagine reinventing your favourite denim and tshirt with the fantasy and grandeur of a signature L.A.M.B. leather jacket. From fragrance to footwear, belts to bags, everything Gwen touches is instantly red hot. Spring 2010 shows us the many sides of Gwen. We see the flirty, feminine knee length dresses and casual, carefree blouses that flash a little shoulder action. But we also see the micro-mini skirt paired with lacy leggings, overdyed low-slung denim with glamrock aesthetic. And as always, it’s about the power playing diva shoes – as high as her trademark blonde upswept hair – and super structured jackets.

In 2007, L.A.M.B.’s watch debut at Nordstrom department stores sold out in just two days, one of the most popular product launches in the company’s history. Gwen is comfortable taking risks and thinking outside the conventional mode of thought – all with precision and pizzaz. In 2005, her Harajuku Lovers range released a very limited digital camera by HP. Later in 2007, we even saw a television spot with Gwen’s “Long Winter” song even playing in the background for a new model of HP computers. Will we see Gwen’s love for style and electronic collide again? Just yesterday she was spotted with a certain lime green laptop case!

There’s love in her heart. She’s got angels who guide her way. Music is her passion. And she’s got two amazing babies. LAMB is her life. And now LAMB is your fashion choice for Spring 2010. When you discover your inner rockstar, the world is your stage. Now put your best foot forward.

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Where can I get that laptop cover?