Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ristorante La Bussola

Ristorante La Bussola might be my favourite restaurant in the entire world. All the elements I look for in an amazing restaurant are the reality that is La Bussola.

Maybe it's because the eatery is located in the heart of Florence Italy, my favourite city. Or possibly it's the expansive wine offerings so artfully chosen. The wood burning oven, with the lightest, freshest pizza you've ever imagined is definitely a plus. The elegant, modern atmosphere without being pretentious or stuffy is quite simply - perfect.

Several years ago, I first stumbled upon La Bussola with my parents. We were in Italy on holiday for the summer, and I quickly fell in love with the establishment. I'll never forget being so proud to accurately and artfully (if I do say so myself) speak Italian to the waiter on behalf of my family. I knew it made my Mom so happy. And, the macedonia for dessert - heaven in a glass. On subsequent return visits, we always ate at La Bussola. The perfect portions. The perfect prices. Just perfect.

A couple weeks ago I made a random trip to Italy to kickstart my birthmonth celebration. Spending a few days in Rome, and then a few days in Florence by myself, I knew I had to eat at La Bussola. And it was everything I remembered, and more. The friendliest staff, the freshest, most delicious food, the comfortable, luxurious atmosphere - time stands still. Nothing is rushed. Everything is savoured. And believe me - you'll savour every morsel. Every day that I was in Florence, I ate at La Bussola. I just can't get enough.
Whether with friends or family, for business or pleasure - La Bussola is a must for any travel agenda.
Ristorante La Bussola
Via Porta Rossa, 58/r
Tel. (39) 055 293376

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