Thursday, December 17, 2009

a Vintage Holiday Just for You.

There's something to be said for genuine character. I'm not talking about the manufactured, predetermined, unoriginal, corporate type of "character" either. I mean the honest to goodness, it's there because it was meant to be, only through the hands of time and nature.

Every time I go to Los Angeles, I have to stop at the RRL store. This is Ralph Lauren's enclave for all things vintage. It's located in what looks like an old garage where you'd see 1960s muscle cars up on the racks. Maybe it's the garage doors rolled up, letting all the Southern California sun and breeze float through the entire store. Maybe it's Catherine, who has the most approachable, welcoming attitude and brilliant memory. Or maybe it's the authentic vintage jackets, leathers, and jewelry. True vintage pieces have a story, a romance, and a real character all their own.

With that being said, I love the look of truly distressed denim. I don't mean running out to your local Abercrombie and picking up some sand-blasted, ill-fitting jeans. I mean starting out with a pair of perfectly fitting, great quality denim, and then customizing it yourself.

Martin + Osa's Paul Dillinger shows us how to get the perfect holes, fraying, stains, and details. Don't worry - you don't need to channel your inner MacGyver and compete this entire task with just a pocket knife and a used roll of tin foil! With just a few tools that are probably already in your garage (or your neighbour's garage if you're not-so-handy), you can be the hit of your holiday party.

For the perfect holiday style, pair your custom distressed denim with a crisp red oxford shirt. No matter how dark or light your denim may be, a red shirt is sure to put you in the holiday spirit, and looks great on most skin complexions. If you live in colder climates, add a great navy v-neck sweater, and you'll be ready to jingle your bells all night long! Remember to limit distressed and vintage pieces - you don't want to look like a rag doll. Plus, the juxtaposition of distressed denim and the crisp shirt will provide the perfect contrast.

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Lauren DuCasse said...

After I use the bleach pen, I use a wire brush to comb the fabric so it gives a more whiskered look.