Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Hair by Francky L'Official

This week, we've learned how to give the right hostess gifts, get the perfect smile, create the perfect, personalized denim, and now, celebrity hair stylist Francky L'Official tells us how to have the perfect holiday hair.

Thirsty.Threads - Describe what hair trends are hot for the holiday season.

L'Official: This season's trends are highlighted by the up do and glamorous waves... sexy chic is the word during holiday.
Thirsty.Threads - Discuss any hair care recommendations for "winterizing" your hair and ensuring healthy, luxurious locks in inclement weather

L'Official - Use a treatment once a week, and for dry hair - apply leave in conditioner if you don't have time to style, and don't forget to apply serum on the ends.

Thirsty.Threads: Last time we spoke, you were getting ready to launch your product line. Have you launched yet?

L'Official - The product still in production. I want it to be perfect before it is on the shelves, but should be out next year.

Thirsty.Threads - As people prepare for the holiday photos and Christmas card pictures, are there any hair "dont's" you would encourage people to stay away from?

L'Official - Stay away from the hair being too flat or too big, and please no pony tail! It's a Christmas card, not an editorial for Vogue! Stay natural with a touch of style.

Thirsty.Threads -Put yourself in this situation. You've just been invited to a holiday party at a swanky bar and begins in about an hour. What do you do to style your own hair with such minimal prep time?

L'Official - If you have long hair I would say tease the top of the hair to add height and put it back in a messy ponytail (chic and fashionable). Or if you have a big curling iron, take big pieces of hair and curl them just to have movement (really sexy). If you have a bob, put Velcro rollers at the end and on the top. Leave the rollers in while you fix your makeup, and then take out, run fingers through, and fix with a spray (sexy, natural).

Thirsty.Threads - You've worked with many celebrities and incredibly well-dressed people. Can you tell us about some of the styles you've created for them?

L'Official - I did the Hollywood 50's look for Kim Kardashian; the light, natural movement for Bethenny Frankel. For Christina Aguilera's concert, I did the 40's look for the Back to Basics and lots more.

Thirsty.Threads - When one of your clients is having a "bad hair day" - how do you calm their nerves and fix the problem?

L'Official - With my natural charm... lol - I listen to them and I speak slowly to relax them and I explain that I can fix it, and everything will be fine...

Early in his career, Francky L'Official joined renown coiffure Jacques Dessange as Artistic Director of his Paris Salons. Educating Dessange stylists throughout the city, Francky made a name for himself developing creative teams of stylists to take part in the conception and creative design of fashion events. After overseeing many fashion shows, Francky was awarded the prestigious Mondial Hair Show award.

A growing demand for Francky's expertise brought him around the world and after many years of experience he found himself in New York. During the Fall of 2005, Francky established himself at Salon a Deux, which he lent his name to soon after. As Artistic Director of Francky L'Official Salon, he brings his creativity and inspiration to New York's fashion world adding his own style.

Several years after arriving in New York, Francky has begun to make a name for himself. And with a product line due to be launched, Francky is poised to become a mainstay in New York for years to come.


Real Housewife in St. Louis said...

Where can I get this hair care? I watch Francky on Bravo and love him!

Joseph Shippee said...

I believe the products will be available online at Francky's site - check for more information.