Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day, Feel Good Shopping

I've often spoken about the benefits of Philanthropic Retail - a marketing phenomenon where consumers' decisions to buy specific brands or products are attached to a philanthropic cause - such as Product (RED) items or goods that support and promote cancer awareness and research. Shoppers don't mind spending a little extra cash when they associate their purchase with making a positive difference. Creating a partnership with a philanthropic endeavour can be just the stimulating boost companies need in this tricky economy. And more importantly, philanthropies need all the support and advertising they can possibly get.

Enter, World AIDS Day and the fabulous Product (RED) campaign.

(RED) Partners are stepping up their support for AIDS research and prevention in their own special ways:

Starbucks will donate $.05 per hand-crafted beverage sold in the US and Canada, and 5P/5 Euro cents in the UK and Ireland.

GAP will donate 1% of all all revenue for participating stores in the US and Canada

DELL will double their contribution of Product (RED) Products sold in the US, UK, and Japan for the week of 26 November to 2 December

Athletics power house NIKE launched their partnership with Product (RED) today. Legendary musician and (RED) co-founder Bono joined a slew of football players gathered at London's Nike Town store to promote the new worthy cause. The first of many (RED) soccer products, Nike's (RED) shoe laces are a perfect way to promote AIDS awareness (and make great stocking stuffers for the holidays)! Chelsea's Didier Drogba laced his soccer boots with (RED) during yesterday's win against Aresnal.

So the next time your friends or family give you grief for shopping, just remind them that retail therapy actually can have a positive effect on the world.

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