Thursday, April 8, 2010

Burberry Black Label

I love Burberry. Maybe it's the classic, military inspiration that is so brilliantly modernised by Christopher Bailey into the most fabulously tailored works of art. Or maybe it's that Thomas Burberry created Gabardine, one of the most durable, wearable fabrics of all time. Or it's the expert craft of building the perfect trench coat. Or quite possibly it's the fact that Burberry always retains their stellar heritage and history each season while still bringing something new, something fresh, and something oh so fabulous to the table. I'm guessing it's a little bit of all of these, wrapped into one plaid package. Or novacheck.

Regardless - a few summers ago I was in Tokyo and remember specifically how obsessed the Japanese were with Burberry. The giant boutique in the Omotesandō (表参道) district was absolutely stunning. So when I read this morning at MO's blog that Burberry had a special Black Label exclusively in the Japanese market, I wasn't surprised.

I love it. A little edgier. A little more British (if that's possible). As if I needed another reason to return to Tokyo, this is definitely it. Available in 3 boutiques, only in Japan. Take a look for yourself. You'll be booking your airfare in no time.

Special thanks to Melinda O'Rourke and co. for spreading the word on this fabulous collection.

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