Wednesday, April 7, 2010

D&G's La Force

So I'm having a little predicament. Several weeks ago, I was visiting the Macy's department store in Orlando, and saw that D&G had a new addition to their collection of numbered fragrances based on astrology. The first time I smelled the fragrance, I really liked it. I asked the salesperson about it - but all they could tell me was that it was new. I gathered it was new on my own accord, seeing that I shop frequently, pay attention to new products, and saw that the fragrance didn't fit on the tester display unit. So I sprayed the fragrance and moved on. A few weeks later, I was back in Orlando and went to see if there was any literature or information they had received. The next associate still had no idea about the fragrance other than that it was new. Well, it was new - seeing as it had been on the shelf for a few weeks. So then last week, I was in Orlando again. I asked yet another associate about the fragrance. While she did know that the collection was based on astrology, and that the fragrance was new, she still had no idea about the newest fragrance, called "La Force".

I'm not thrilled. From what I gather, the fragrance is exclusively available through Macy's for the time being. I love the fragrance. But I am not exactly ready to give my money to Macy's. You'd think with the reputation of providing fabulous customer service, coupled with the knowledge of having exclusive (albeit limited) distribution of a product, that the associates would have some clue about the product.

Instead, I'll just wait until Sephora or Douglas gets the product. After all, it's up to the consumers to "reward" businesses who provide quality customer service and great experiences. Having worked luxury retail, I know that it really is all about the details and the atmosphere. So the next time you're shopping and feel like you're not getting the right information or experience, go somewhere else. Our dollars speak louder than our words.

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