Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Starbucks Rewards | Starbucks Coffee Company

Earlier this week I shared my excitement for Starbucks' reusable plastic tumblers. Someone commented to me that Starbucks was pretty expensive. So I wanted to share a little tip. For anyone who has a gift card to the famous coffee chain - register your card online. After a few purchases that are linked to the card, you'll automatically get free WiFi at every Starbucks location, plus you get complimentary refills on brewed coffee and tea drinks, free soy milk or flavoured syrups, and a free drink on your birthday. After 30 purchases linked to the card (you can always add more value to the card either online or at your local retailer), you get a personalized Starbucks Gold card, with even more benefits - including a free beverage every 15 purchases.

Check it out. Maximize your spending power. Minimize your spending.

And that's always en vogue.

My Starbucks Rewards | Starbucks Coffee Company

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JK said...

Yes! I've done this and love it. I'm actually 6 stars away from a gold, and putting money on the card keeps me from spending too much out of my bank account.