Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Luxe Looks and Loves

(in no particular order)

Military inspired, tailor fit dress shirts for both men and women (and also military inspired shirt-dresses).

The Diesel advertisement by Saks Fifth Avenue that shows two athletic/chiseled young men sailing on a boat with the caption "think about it... Triceps, too - it takes more than bicep curls to get summer tank-top arms.". Even on a boat, I don't favour tank-tops for men, but I do love everything else in the print ad. Especially the sail boat, the great denim (jeans and denim shirt jacket), and of course, the flipflops.

Neutral tones for a relaxed elegance with wrinkled suiting or dress shirts (on purpose!), lightweight summer scarves, zippers (as details on shoes, like Cole Haan, or as utilitarian elements from RRL (that's Ralph Lauren's Double-R-L collection of authentic vintage goods along with vintage-inspired pieces).

Gingham dress shirt with preppy repp-stripe ties.

Giant canvas tote bags. Especially nautical inspired warn in options.

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