Saturday, October 31, 2015

Beautiful Halloween, Happy Fashion

Happy Halloween, y'all!  I never realized how much Halloween and fashion both have in common.  They're a creative outlet for you to express yourself.  They allow you to escape your everyday and live a moment of fantasy.  The best are made by hand, planned for weeks, and made exactly to measure.  The more you invest, in both time and resources, the more secure you'll be in uniqueness, messaging, and happiness. 

Halloween is the chance to make a mockery of all things scary, frightening, and taboo, and literally laugh, love, and relish in your strength, humor, and delight.  Just as the same with fashion for many, using your creative genius to intensify your persona, maximize your messaging, and smile with a dash of style + class.

I love Halloween and I definitely love fashion.  Wishing you a lifetime of great tricks and beautiful treats.

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