Tuesday, January 5, 2016

dude looks like a lady, but I just want a travel trunk

You know you're about to be controversial when you feel compelled to issue a disclaimer.  So buckle your safety belts, my fellow fashionistas.  I by no means intend to offend anyone.  I love equality and freedom of speech and creativity and self expression and all things beautiful. 

Now that we've established where I'm coming from... I want to slap some fashion sense into the people at Louis Vuitton.  Jaden Smith, infamous son of celebrity power couple Jada and Will, is at the center of the storied French Fashion House's spring/summer 2016 Women's Ready-to-Wear campaign. 

What?  The? F....

I get that fashion is about fantasy, a means to escape reality, put your best foot forward, and allows for self expression.  What happened to the Vuitton that was elegant and exciting, encouraging for an adventurous and awesome life, with attention to detail and quality.  I look at this advert and am so distracted, so turned off by the madness.  If the point of this campaign is to allow Jaden to make a statement for gender equality and self expression, they've accomplished their goals.  When I think of the target demographic, the people who can afford the hefty price tags associated with luxury ready-to-wear, let alone the exorbitant amount of resources, time, talent, and cost of true couture design, it is not anyone shown in the advert, let alone many who would identify with the picture.  I could see incorporating a few elements from above into a wardrobe, but this is definitely shocking, and for all the wrong reasons. 

Sometimes we need to cut away the excess, the craziness, and focus on the basics.  Where are the codes of the House of LV?  I'm not saying they shouldn't be edgy, creative, or think outside the box.  I am saying this is such a departure from everything I know and love about the brand.  And it's too bad, because I loved watching the runway show.  I love the industrial chunkiness  mixed with sleek elegance.  Black leathers, metallic studs, and bulky shoes, with soft leathers, rose quartz, and elegant blouses. 

All in all, not a fan of this campaign. 

What do you think?

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