Monday, February 22, 2016

a-peel-ing skincare 

It's no secret, I love skincare.  Maybe it's because my dear Mother had skin cancer for most of my life, and we grew up knowing how to care for our skin, from face washes and exfoliants to the ever important sun screens.  It's a daily ritual I've come to love, and really enjoy learning about new ingredients, trendy treatments, and cutting-edge technology in the industry.

At some point, we've all been responsible for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom floors.  One typically follows these steps:

-- remove as many objects as possible, like area rugs, mobile pieces of furniture, etc
-- sweep away debris
-- mop with special solution / cleansers
-- steam or use special techniques for problem areas
-- allow to dry, accentuate with pretty things

These same steps for floorcare can be applied to skincare.  You'd never mop before you swept.  And sometimes you have to break out the steam mop to remove extra layers of grime and gunk.  This is just like your face, and why it's so important to consider a facial peel.

Skincare isn't just for middle aged women.  It doesn't have to be fussy or complicated, either.  80% of your skin damage is done by the time you're 18, so it's never too early to start using a little effort for a big result.  The skin is your body's largest organ, and should be treated appropriately.  Facial peels are one effective treatment I love, and are received at a medical spa or trusted dermatologist's office.  And now, you can even peel at home or on the go.

For those who don't know, Dr. Dennis Gross is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, with his own specialized dermatology practice in New York City. He is an industry expert, focusing on skin cancer research and pioneering techniques for healthy, radiant skin, and promotes both the industry and his own skincare range with frequent rounds on the daytime television circuit, in numerous beauty and entertainment magazines.

 Last week I was visiting my ever-awesome local Nordstrom and met Enrique from Dr. Dennis Gross. To be honest, I had never even heard of Dr. Gross or experienced his products.  Enrique kindly offered a complimentary facial and demonstration.  And I must say, the results are beyond appealing  I'm hooked.  Instantly my skin felt fresh and firm, with a soft, velvety touch.  I looked awake and alert, without the "surgical surprise" or redness you'd expect to see after intense treatments in an office.  And the next day, the results only got better. 

Peels work with a two-pronged plan of action: first, thanks to alpha and beta hydroxy acids, exfoliation gently sweeps away dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin and nourishes with revitalizing vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.  Retinol peels exfoliate by encouraging fresh cells to surface faster, working together to achieve a brighter, refreshed complexion.

What's most appealing about Dr. Gross?  Where do I begin?  Firstly, the peels are effective and gentle.  This is a big deal in the industry, and quite honestly, separates the professionals from the amateurs.  It's very rare to find clinical strength products that are safe, effective, and gentle on the skin.  You don't have to worry about looking like you fell asleep in a tanning bed for two weeks and are bright red.  And you're also not paying for watered down, ineffective creams and magic potions that pack everything but results.  Secondly, I love that the peels are delivered through travel friendly wipes.  There's no guessing how much solution you should apply, no wasting money by using too much product - you literally tear open the packet, follow the quick instructions, and continue with your daily beauty regimen.   As an added bonus, the entire range is Cruelty Free, many of which are also vegan friendly.

Just like your dermatologist focuses on your exact skincare concerns, so too does Dr. Gross's skincare collection.  There's literally something for every skin - from fine lines and wrinkles, to loss of firmness and brilliance, large pores, dry and rough texture, acne and oily skins, redness and sensitivity, and the non-negotiable sun protection.  The collection offers peels, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, treatments, masks, oils, and even sunless tanning products, haircare, and steamer solutions. 

Of course, in a perfect world, skin care companies would always have it that you exclusively use their brand.  I don't work for any skincare companies, so I like to pick and choose what's best for me and recommend things I'm loving as well.  Whatever skincare you're currently using, I think everyone could benefit from using one of Dr. Gross's skin peels.  After all, you want to maximize the efficacy of your skincare products and have them absorb deep into your skin, not the dead cells that will just flake away.  Using it regularly will sweep away your skin's pore-clogging debris and ultimately prep the skin to receive your favorite lotions, potions, tonics, and creams.  Sounds appealing to me.

Dr. Gross' skincare is available at his office in New York and online, or through Nordstrom and Sephora.  Have questions?  Call Broderick at Nashville's Nordstrom Advanced Skin Care Counter on 615.850.6700. 

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