Friday, February 5, 2016

a request and dedication

When I was just a wee little joey, my family would cook breakfast together after mass on Sundays. The soundtrack to this family fest and feast was always Casey Kasem as he counted down the hits across the land.  One of my favorite memories was making up fake requests and dedications, just like the featured caller.

During my undergraduate experience, I was a student assistant in the Office of the President.  During projects and throughout the day, I'd listen to music.  And to keep things lighthearted and fun, I'd randomly make "requests and dedications" to the ladies in the office.  Everyone would take the occasional and much needed 4 minutes to laugh, have a brief dance party, and then move on with the day's tasks with an added dash of pep in their step.

Coffee is so much more than just a beverage for me.   One of my favorite things to do is dedicate my coffee.  While (very easily) preparing my morning obligatory cuppa joe, I take a moment to honor someone or something that I'm particularly loving.  This thanksgiving really makes me smile, reminds me how to be the best version of me that I'm able, and helps make for a wonderful day.

We'll never know how powerful a simple act of kindness and recognition may be.  If we can go out of our way to make someone's day a little bit more palatable, shine a little brighter, or exist with a little more meaning, why not?

Give it a try.  Spend a moment to thank a colleague, encourage a friend, or call a family member.  You'll both be better for it.

Change starts with one.  Change starts with me.

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