Tuesday, October 20, 2015

slow down

Dear Starbucks,

Thank you for still making "in a for here cup" an option.


Our society is "on demand" - everything must be "when I want it, just how I want it, and fast!"  But sometimes our quest to hurry up and wait makes us miss the point or goal.  It's not necessarily where we're going, but the journey in itself.  Pick one day each month, or even one hour each day, to purposefully slow down.  Take the long way home.  Park as far from the door of your destination as possible.  Order your coffee "for here" and actually sit to enjoy the flavors.  When you're not rushed, you can taste like you've never tasted, you can think like you've never thought, and you can truly be your best self.

Maybe it's the deep rooted nostalgic bit talking, but I love that "old fashioned" way of doing things some times.  Investing the time, the resources, and the thought show your concern, your care, and your love.  Treat yourself and those around you, and try something from yesterday.  Prepare a wholesome meal from scratch; send a handwritten note or card to a friend; walk, don't drive, to your destination.

"Coffee culture" is a big deal, especially in Europe and South America.  Espresso in the all day long at the bar, always standing up, prepared methodically and lovingly served in a ceramic cup.  You might spend only 20-30 seconds drinking the actual coffee, but the trip, the conversation, and the experience are just as energizing as the caffeinated brew.   In the morning, with more time to spend pondering life and planning the day, it's cappuccino: the perfect portion of steamed, frothy milk and bold, beautiful espresso.  (Side bar / travel tip: when you're traveling throughout Italia, or are experiencing any proper caffe, don't order a cappuccino after breakfast time.  Definitely faux pas.) After all, time is the ultimate currency. 

Speaking of slowing down, you can slow down your appearance and the aging process by focusing your skincare, not just on your face, but on your hands.  The hands take so much abuse - from being in the sun whilst driving, from the countless washings, dryings, and exposure to every element.  Just as you exfoliate, moisturize, treat, and protect your face, you should do the same for your hands.  You can always get a "face lift" later in life, but a "hand lift" is a bit more out of reach.   

When you slow down, you minimize distractions and maximize your thoughts, your hopes, and your intentions.  And thus, slowing down might actually speed you up.

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