Wednesday, July 23, 2008

iconic investments

If we were having this conversation in person, it would begin with me saying "listen very carefully"...but we're not talking, and we're not in person, so I'll begin with "read this very carefully" instead.

Read this very carefully. I don't advocate buying clothes or accessories solely because of the brand name or designer that crafted it. To those who actually care about design and style, there is nothing more repulsive than seeing something slathered in tacky logos. Or even worse - fake/counterfeit merchandise.

Don't get me wrong, though. There are some brands and designers that I absolutely love. But not particularly for their name. I'll always love Christian Dior. After all, it was He who started modern couture. It was He, who after the end of World War II, on February 12, 1947, showed the world a "New Look", at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris - soft, feminine shoulders, cinched waists, long flowing skirts, and the overly excessive use of fabrics, furs, leathers, and materials. It was such a revolutionary idea, after nearly all material goods were rationed during the War Era, to use such large quantities of fabrics and goods. The world loved it. And fashion was never the same thereafter.

I'll always love Burberry, and their iconic trench coat. After all, it was in 1895 that Thomas Burberry's Tielocken coat was adopted by the British Army during the Boer War as their official coat of choice, which later evolved into the art known as Trench. And if making the world's most classic and versatile coat wasn't enough, the man invented the amazingly durable Cotton Gabardine some 15 years before.

And who could ever forget the house of Thiery Hermès? Hermès began his famous Saddle shop in 1837 in Paris, and has evolved as to one of the most sought after purveyors of ready-to-wear and designs, especially in leather, silk, and velvet.

I present to you the three iconic investments I hope to acquire in my lifetime. Hopefully sooner than later.

1. An incredibly lightweight cashmere v-neck sweater.
Dior Homme usually offers a fantastic version in either light gray or black, with long, tailored arms and a narrow body. Opting for the lightweight version allows for year round wear, especially under suits in the spring or fall seasons, or paired with a fantastic coat. Loro Piana offers the most luxurious of all cashmere products, and always has plenty of styles and versions to choose from.

2. The perfect trench coat.
Hands down, Burberry owns the market on the trench. Opt for a longer version of medium weight. You want the coat to fall mid-calf, offering the right protection in inclement weather, but still allowing for easy movement. If you don't already own a trench, the only colour to consider is khaki. "Khaki" after all is a Hindi word that means "dust"...which means it will hide the effects of use during said inclement weather beautifully. If you already own a khaki trench or two, opt for navy, black, or red.

3. Hermès makes the most amazing silk wares. This mastery is extended over their iconic scarves, ties, and pocket squares. For the serious savant, begin collecting an array of all three.

With these 3 iconic investments, your entire wardrobe will be transformed to a whole new world of lust and luxury.

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