Monday, July 28, 2008

time to wrap things up!

It's time for our weekly fashion flashback! This time we're going to Florence, Italy. The year - 1972. A younger Belgian designer, Diane Von Furstenberg took a new spin on design and draping, creating what would be her signature wrap-style dress.

Flash forward to today. I love DVF's wrap. This wrap-style dress is the perfect dress, flattering nearly every body type. The curved lines of the dress give an illusion to cinch the waist, enhance the bust, and narrow the hip. And the garment is perfect for all occasions. Dress the wrap up with sexy stilettos and elegant jewels. Or relax on the weekend with your wrap dress, comfortable boots, and a cozy scarf. Pair a wrap-style blouse or sweater with skinny jeans and heels and you've instantly got a night on the town to remember.

However clever the design, always remember to pick the perfect pattern. You don't want your wrap to make you look drab, flabby, or old. Bold designs like animal prints or geometric patterns are always chic. As for color, classic black and white will flatter everyone, while bold colors of the season like bright yellow, raspberry, and metallics will be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons!

Speaking of design elements that flatter and slim, here's a great tip for men. When wearing a suit, if you are tall and skinny, I definitely recommend you wear a belt with your suit. (The best belts should be leather, with a discrete buckle, and should always match your shoes and other leather goods.) If you aren't as tall, or have more pounds than you wish, do not wear a belt. Your silhouette will appear longer and slimmer without the visual break that a belt provides.

Again, if you're tall and skinny, wear a belt with your suit for a modern, sleek appearance. And if you're not so tall, or not so skinny, leave the belt at home. Either way, a belt should be unnecessary, thanks to the expert skill of your tailor. Because all suits should be tailored, whether they're off the rack at your local Target superstore, or made-to-measure just for you.

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