Monday, November 24, 2008

bringing the outside in

I love beautiful things. When you upgrade your choices, especially with presentation, everything is better. Imagine the difference in drinking a fantastic Italian prosecco from a disposable plastic cup, or a hand blown glass. Eating your favorite takeaway meal on fine dinnerware won't change the taste of the "food", but it definitely will enhance the experience.

And such, I love beautiful tablescapes. My favorite touches are "au naturale". Incorporating fresh elements, like fruits, nuts, flowers, plants, and even tree limbs or wood instantly add pizazz and panache to any surface.

For the holiday season, take inspiration from fruits of the moment. Fill a vase partially with fresh cranberries. Add a small bouquet of flowers. Fill the remainder of the vase with more cranberries (about the same height as you would normally fill the vase with water).

For larger vases and arrangements, you can substitute the fresh cranberries for whole vibrant oranges, beautiful royal pears, or bright green apples. Fill the container part way with the fruit, arrange small branches, dried grasses, or large stalks of flowers in the center of the container, and fill the remaining space with more fruit. You can also create a different look with nuts as well.

Bring the outdoors in. Scattering slices of wood, small branches, or bushels of holly and other ornamental shrubbery can create incredibly warm, intimate settings. I've included a few pictures from a beautiful tablescape at West Elm for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, the more creative, the better! Happy decorating!

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The Travelerette said...

I love this concept! This takes "healthy" and "natural" living to a whole new level!