Friday, November 7, 2008

Jet Set Style

Some of us travel more often than others. Whether car or truck, motorcycle or bicycle, skate board or roller skate, plane or helicopter, boat or hovercraft, train or monorail, you can still look great upon arrival. Here are some quick tips:

-- if traveling by train, plane, or overnight ferry, prepare for cold air conditioning. I take a large scarf that can double as a blanket.

-- pack some essential skin and body care products for freshening up. On a recent trip to Asia, I was so thankful for packing my toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer for face and body, and even deodorant. As you all know, traveling can be tricky when it comes to packing liquids. Whenever I visit department stores or beauty boutiques like Douglas or Sephora, I kindly ask for skin care samples (face wash, moisturizer, exfoliants, lotion, hand creme, in addition to fragrance) - then slip those one-use packets and vials into a small plastic case. You get all the benefits of your normal skin care regime in a travel friendly, mess-free availability. You might even find a new product that you can't live without!

-- on long flights, freshen up your hands. Ask your attendant for the following on-hand items: a lemon or lime wedge, a packet of sugar, and some club soda. Then head to the lav. Dampen your hands with water. Open the sugar packet and dump contents into your cupped hand. Squeeze the citrus on top of the sugar. Rub the sugar and citrus on hands. Focus on tops, bottoms, and cuticles. Rinse when done. Instant hand exfoliation. You'll feel fresh and clean.

-- hydrate - be sure to drink lots of water. if you're having cocktails, alternate between your beverage of choice and water. The recycled air is dry to begin with; while alcohol is quenching, it's not exactly hydrating.

-- before you land, head to the lav. again to brush your teeth, hair, and reapply any makeup or fragrance. No one likes to arrive feeling less-than-clean.
-- always exit the plane wearing giant sunglasses. Jet lag is a bitch, and you want to look your best, not sleep deprived and like you've been inhaling recycled air for the last few hours.

Traveling is always in style. Now you can arrive en vogue!

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