Tuesday, November 4, 2008

retail political action

America has gone Presidential Election crazy. Even retails are capitalizing on the trendiness of being politically in-tune. On a recent trip to Orlando, Florida's Mall at Millenia , I snapped some photographs with my handy dandy iPhone.

Retailers like The Gap and Betsey Johnson used great window displays to remind shoppers to vote. Not just shedding light on the Presidential Election, The Gap encourages awareness for AIDS prevention, alternative energy, the elderly, and recycling. I'm so excited for companies that encourage their shoppers to be responsible and make a difference.

And to really attract customers and entice sales, Kenneth Cole even discounted everything throughout his shops 44%, in honor of the next 44th president. I love the advertisement -"Sale to the Chief"...how crafty!

Even retail giant Bloomingdale's jumped on the political bandwagon and created beautiful displays, centered around voting. I'm thrilled that these retailers are being responsible, not publicly endorsing a particular candidate.

I must say, I'm anxious and nervous for the outcome of this political election. And most of all, I hope that the increased voter awareness, the political buzz, and the excitement of young people towards politics isn't just a trend that will soon fade, but that it's actually lasting.

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